Even Burnt Wood Floats

Damaged does not mean Destroyed

Daily Prompt: Pretend–(for when reality is too much)

Pretend that's not really my alarm going off, I just went to sleep. Pretend I really do want to walk that extra mile, not that I have to because I ate popcorn last night. Pretend that customer did not just... Continue Reading →


Gravity and Me

  I'm not sure when it is that I first became so concerned with gravity. Not concerned. That isn't the right word. Aware. Aware of gravity. It wasn't when I was young, that's for sure. I never thought twice about... Continue Reading →

Just a Broken Bone

I don't know that I've ever been a great daughter. You know what I mean, some daughters are involved with their families, so active, so present, so busy. I don't think I've ever been that. Don't get me wrong, I'm... Continue Reading →

Writers Write

Writers write. That's why I'm here. Doing a blog I mean, not here on the Earth, I don't think, maybe. I've always wanted to write. Wait for's the cliche now...ever since I can remember. Really though, I was in... Continue Reading →

Up until Spider-Man

I'm that woman I think. But I can't know for sure not having the luxury, the privilege, the curious experience of seeing the world, and specifically me, through your eyes. But I'm that woman who must appear to "have it... Continue Reading →

The Kitchen Floor

We moved into a new place last November. A condo. Before┬áthe move, my dishes--my┬áplates, my bowls, my coffee cups, even my drinking glasses, were hardy. Now they aren't. But they haven't changed. I blame the kitchen floor, all fancy ceramic... Continue Reading →

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