Even Burnt Wood Floats

Damaged does not mean Destroyed

Hay, Dad

My Dad is dead. I miss him. I have some regrets about our relationship but there is one thing more than any other that comes up for me: I regret that I didn't have lunch with him that day. The... Continue Reading →


A Thrill of Hope

I'm truly surprised to be saying this, further surprised to feel it:  I enjoy the Christmas season. It's true. I love the decorations and the lights. I like the way  in the early mornings, while it's still dark outside, just the... Continue Reading →

Each of us is more than the worst thing we've ever done. ~Bryan Stevenson, Just Mercy

Seasons Can Stay A While

If it's good enough for a plant, it's good enough for me

Being What We Are

There is a small town on the coast of Oregon, called Yachats. It's pronounced yaw-hots. It's a lovely little place. Home of the Drift Inn Pub & Café where you can get a great meal and look out at the Ocean.  Yachats... Continue Reading →

Now was supposed to be the time for interior decorating. Minimizing stuff. The time for early morning coffee and conversations with my husband; conversations about whatever came up. The time for crossword puzzles and Words With Friends. Now was supposed to be... Continue Reading →

Thank You Tree

My son Eli, was born on April 22, that's Earth Day. For many years, I guess until he was old enough to rebel maybe, one of the things we would do to celebrate his birthday was to go out and... Continue Reading →

Seek and Ye’ Shall Find

I am good at knowing where stuff is. And if it's not where I think it is, I'm good at finding stuff. This is an incredibly useful skill to have as I live with three men, one who is over... Continue Reading →

Failed Test

We bought the test at Kmart. At least that's how I remember it. Although it's so long ago now, it could've been a CVS or Rite Aid.  We only bought it to confirm what I was already sure of but... Continue Reading →

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